About the Photos

The abstraction in these contemporary photographs takes place in the setup PRIOR to the photo being taken. The setups are created using anything and everything that might produce interesting effects. Photoshop is used only to make minor corrections and adjustments, with the few exceptions when I have created panoramic photos.

Because these photos look more like art (pastels, watercolors), they are best viewed in large sizes. Presently, most of these photos are being printed in sizes 20"x28" (editions of 15,12 or 10), 24"x36" (editions of 15, 9 or 7), and 33"x46" (editions of 15, 7 or 5). The image sizes refer to unframed pieces and can vary a bit. The edition sizes of 15 mainly refer to the wine/grape series.

Should you wish additional information including price, please find my email address and phone number listed in "Contact". Hope that you've found the images interesting.

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